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Aresius King
• 9/13/2016

Manual of Style

So, what is this Wiki's policy on whether page names are singular or pluralized? I should probably check with everyone else before I make more changes. I've just been creating the page on whichever one is linked to more, but it doesn't look very consistent when you look at the categories. Wikipedia generally goes with singular, and their reasoning looks sound, so I'd go with that.

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Aresius King
• 9/23/2016

We generally consider that units and races should be in plural (Stormcast Eternals, Prosecutors) and weapons, animals and other objects should be in singular - creating redirections with the plural/singular form to the same thing if necessary - but we'll debate on this and come back to you asap.

• 7/4/2018
anyone has 3D of Slaanesh God?
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