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It appears, King Thrond, that our guests fight on.’ The horn-crowned sorcerer stirred the scrying pool with long fingers before casting a baleful glance at his ally, a giant of a man with a billowing scarlet cloak. ‘Clearly harsher measures are called for.’

‘My chariots, Lord Ephryx. If not those running the ramps and walkways, then those in the fortress. Such fusions of metal, man and beast cannot be stopped.’

‘They must not be allowed to reach the hammer, fool! Your ape-like monsters have already failed,’ sneered the sorcerer, ‘as have the beasts that pull their chariots.’

‘Then perhaps you shall have to risk your own neck.’

‘Unlikely,’ scoffed Ephryx. ‘I have other... allies. They will win time for me to harness the energies I need and steal Sigmar’s prize away to the Crystal Labyrinth, before the moon’s passing changes the silver’s state.’

The sorcerer stroked the molten gold of his scrying pool, and the surface shimmered as if alive. A skull-like visage swam in the depths, eyes burning with hate.

‘The ones you call Stormcast,’ crooned Ephryx. ‘They fight to the shadow of the Shardgate. They seek the fortress, and that which Sigmar must not claim.’

‘Your sorceries prove weak, then,’ said the apparition. ‘Why should I help? I have my own concerns.’

‘If you consider your strength so superior to mine, it’s time to prove it.’ Ephryx smiled. ‘And Vandus is here.’

‘The Hammerhand,’ spat the figure. ‘I shall march for the Allpoints, and summon a daemon host of my own.’

Ephryx chuckled as the pool grew still. In the alcoves beyond, a two-headed giant nodded to itself, drew a sign in the air, and dissipated in a swirl of dark flame.


  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.