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Leave the one named Vandus to me,’ rumbled the skull-faced figure.

‘He’s all yours,’ said Ephryx. ‘You must hold them back, Khul, whether your daemon allies join you or not. But you will not do so alone. Thrond; take your chariots to the breach and kill as many as you can.’

King Thrond nodded in assent. The warrior lords, eyeing each other in contempt, strode from the room. In the gloom, feathers rustled.

‘Distractions,’ said Ephryx. ‘The daemon gale should slow our guests.’

‘It should,’ said the two-headed daemon emerging from the shadows, ‘for it was I that summoned it, just as I shall summon the Arcanabulum. You will use it to cast the Lunar Reversal, that we may escape the silver’s grip.’

‘The Lunar… Will its power not kill me? What have you seen, Oracle?’

‘Sigmar once learned that even he is not beyond Tzeentch’s influence,’ said Kairos Fateweaver, pushing a long talon into Ephryx’s left eye. Both of the sorcerer’s eyes suddenly glowed with a wan green light. ‘It is high time we reminded him.


  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.