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Grakhas Brassfang grinned broadly as he saw the carnage spread before him.He and Arkad’s Skulltakers had butchered the Bonechewers on the ridge, leaving rent corpses piled eight deep all around. The lumbering Nurgle warriors of Golch’s Flybloated had fought alongside them, wading through showers of flint-tipped spears without slowing. Despite himself, the Slaughterpriest was impressed with the strength and resilience of Golch’s followers. Even if their glottal chortling was irksome in the extreme...

Pushing his fingers through the ribcage of a fallen shaman, Grakhas tore out the creature’s heart. The hulking Slaughterpriest raised the organ above his face and squeezed, gulping down thick, semi-congealed gore. As he did so, Brassfang felt his blood simmer and churn in response, visions of glorious murder dancing behind his eyes. As the trance passed, the Slaughterpriest found himself on his knees, his and Golch’s warriors gathered expectantly around him. Slowly, Grakhas rose. He hefted his axe and grinned savagely around at his warband.

‘Well?’ bubbled Golch through rotten lips. ‘What sayst thy goresome god, Bloodspeaker?’

In response, Brassfang swung his axe, all of his monstrous strength behind a blow that sent Golch’s surprised-looking head bouncing down the slope.

‘He says you die, Rotbringer! Khorne alone shall be victorious!’ With that, madness and violence erupted on the ridge, as the servants of Khorne and Nurgle fell upon one another amid the bodies of the slain.

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  • Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound.
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