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Korghos Khul, lord of the Goretide, watched in silence as the Branchwraiths were dragged before his dais. Bound in rune-graven chains, the sylvaneth could no longer draw upon the sorcerous powers that had mauled Khul’s followers so badly. The Branchwraiths still hissed their defiance as Goretide warriors forced them to kneel in the sucking mud. In most foes, Korghos Khul would have admired such spirit, but not from spell-wielders. Not since T’schen. The ancient memory dragged the corners of Khul’s mouth down into an angry scowl. Picking up on his master’s mood, Grizzlemaw paced the brass dais, his chain rattling as he gave vent to a low, shuddering growl.

Nearby, over the omnipresent hiss of insects, the sounds of vicious battle could still be heard as the Bloodbound hunted down the last of the sylvaneth infesting the mangroves. Little better than stamping on rats, thought Khul dismissively. No glory there. The worthy offerings knelt here before him, for the Blood God relished the suffering of sorcerers above all others. With a wave of his axe, Khul ordered the brass cauldron brought forward. Mud squelched under the contraption’s wheels as it rumbled into position, the forest canopy above shrivelling in the heat haze that billowed from it. The hisses of the Branchwraiths became shrieks as the monstrous crucible loomed over them, but Khul was unmoved. With another gesture, the lord of the Goretide ordered their sentence carried out. Shrieks became screams as the cauldron was upended to drown the Branchwraiths in scalding, molten brass. With a nod of satisfaction, the lord of the Goretide turned and strode from the dais. At his back, the agony-wracked brass statues ticked and steamed as they cooled, just another offering to the glory of Khorne.

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  • Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound.
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