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Vrak gave a satisfied snarl as Khorne’s wrath erupted into the Gulf of Regrets. A firestorm leapt up on all sides, banished spirits screaming as they were immolated. Vrak felt the fierce heat of the inferno, the air turning as dry as parchment in his lungs. To his right, Kordrok, the Slaughterpriest, stood silhouetted by the flames, Khorne’s furious energies still pouring through him. Ahead, trapped on the dais by the storm of fire, were the Mortarch and its monstrous steed.

‘Leech!’ growled Vrak, his words cutting through the furnace roar. ‘Fight me, leech! I’ll rip your skull from your neck!’ The vampire glanced in Vrak’s direction long enough to offer him a withering sneer. Then, fast as lightning, the Mortarch wheeled his steed and swept his blade across Kordrok’s chest. The Slaughterpriest fell back with a roar, and the fires of Khorne guttered out as he toppled. Vrak Brazenfist growled with contempt as the foe urged his steed to flight, escaping into the smoke.

‘We’re not done here, coward!’ Vrak roared after his fleeing foe. ‘Wherever you run, I’ll find you! Your skull belongs to Khorne!’

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  • Battletome: Khorne Bloodbound.
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