'Look to the shadows!’ ordered Ionus Cryptborn as his Retributor escort drew in close. From the gloom, dark figures rushed out.

‘Ambush!’ shouted Vandus, hefting the hammer Heldensen. A pair of armoured warriors dived from a serpentine arch, jagged axes swinging. The first was caught by a blast of lightning from Calanax’s fanged maw, and hit the tarnished cobbles as a steaming mess. The second met Vandus’ hammer, his broken body flailing away.

‘The sorcerer’s minions,’ said Thostos, his voice as cold as winter. ‘This time he sends evil men to contest our approach.’

‘We shall pass the test, brother,’ said Vandus, motioning his Liberators forwards as Judicators climbed crumbled stairs to loose killing shots into the ruins below. ‘These are irritants, nothing more.’

Thostos made no reply. He thundered down the street, sparks fizzling in his footsteps. A knot of bare-chested savages rushed from a ruin-strewn alleyway to fall upon him, but they were hurled back one after another, blood spouting from missing limbs and stump necks. Hacking, hewing, killing, Lord Thostos drove further on into the ruins. Within seconds, he had disappeared entirely into the unnatural shadows swathing the city.

Fuentes Editar

  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.