A soul-rending shriek filled the square. Chaos worshippers and Stormcast Eternals alike clutched at their throats and fell to the broken cobblestones. Within seconds, almost all had fallen still – those who survived were swiftly impaled by the flying blades that sliced through the air around them.

‘This city is not short of horrors, Vandus,’ called out Ionus Cryptborn. ‘You cannot fight a curse with blades.’

The terrifying scream rang out again, sending another dozen warriors to an early grave. Across the Square of Living Blades, the light-blurs of dead Stormcast Eternals were reflected from the tarnished silver statue at its centre – a regal lady, clutching swords. The plaque at the statue’s feet told Ionus the rest.

‘Celemnis!’ he shouted, ‘We fight for the same cause!’

The banshee turned, mouth twisting in curiosity.

‘Queen of Blades,’ said the Lord-Relictor, ‘I beseech thee, send your ire against those that earned it.’ He took the sword from his reliquary, and held it out, hilt-first.

Celemnis looked at Ionus as if she saw him for the first time. Tendrils of her long hair reached out to take the proffered blade, the ghost of a smile on her lips. Suddenly she convulsed, head back and jaws too wide.

This time, Ionus heard nothing at all – nothing but the clatter of armour as every Chaos-tainted soul within a hundred paces fell, pallid and dead, to the cobbles.

Fuentes Editar

  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.