The vanguard phalanxes of each Stormhost crested the ridge of the city limits, Vandus at their head. Bloodied but eager, they were ready to charge the fortress walls beyond with the joy of righteous battle in their hearts and a fierce cry on their lips. The sight that greeted them left each warrior gasping in disbelief.

‘It’s gone,’ said Lord Vandus, his words dull with despair.

A leaden weight pressed upon the heart of every one of Sigmar’s chosen. Not a soul amongst them spoke as they slowly gathered at the ridge’s edge. Beyond them was a crater, many miles in width and deep as any lake. It was as if some impossible beast had reached down from the heavens, scooped out the Eldritch Fortress, and borne it away – and with it, the sacred hammer the Stormcast Eternals had fought to claim.

‘So we go after it,’ said Ionus Cryptborn. ‘Our path is merely lengthened.’

‘But how, if some fell power has claimed it and taken it who knows where?’

Cryptborn shrugged. ‘Fear not, Lord Vandus. We will find a way.’

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  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.
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