Decimator-Prime Machus’ double-bladed axe swept back and forth with the unstoppable rhythm of a pendulum.He had spotted a tall Beastlord amongst the hag tree’s roots, tendrils of magic linking him to the brayhorn that had caused so much woe.

Black blood splashed across Machus’ helm as his axe took the head from a four-horned beast. Rot-clad axemen stomped into his path, a wall of blubbery wet flesh between him and the Beastlord he had seen amongst the roots. His vision swam. This close to the repugnant brayhorn, he could barely think straight, let alone fight through Nurgle’s finest footsoldiers.

With a yell, Machus flung his axe end over end through the air. Sigmar must have guided his arm, for it hit the Beastlord with such force it smashed him into the giant horn, splitting it along its length. The artefact’s great drone rose to a scream as its magical energies roiled out of control. With a titanic boom, the Dirgehorn exploded, and the hag tree with it. A thousand sharp daggers of oak filled the air, enough to impale the flesh of every nearby warrior not clad head to toe in blessed metal.

When Machus’ senses returned, he saw only Stormcast Eternals left standing in the clearing, dazed but intact. Beastmen lay broken and bloody all around. Machus hefted his axe. There was red work to be done.

Fuentes Editar

  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.