Vandus peered into the mist, trying to make sense of the silhouettes and muffled sounds beyond. Something was massing there. War drums thudded and boomed in the distance.

‘We have a welcoming party,’ he mused, vaulting into Calanax’s saddle and hefting Heldensen. ‘It seems our foes are forewarned.’

‘The silver grows warm, lord,’ answered Ionus Cryptborn. ‘Perhaps Dracothion can no longer keep Argentine’s fires at bay.’

‘Alchemy reigns here, even over the stars,’ said Vandus. He motioned for Thostos to join him. ‘Form a wedge, brothers. This is likely to turn ugly.’

‘Some of us were never pretty in the first place,’ said Cryptborn.

‘Your first jest, Ionus?’ Vandus laughed uneasily. ‘Congratulations!’

Echoed by the mist, the Lord-Celestant’s forced mirth became wild laughter. ‘Congratulations!’ mocked the mist, over and over. The sound turned to eerie music, then to thunder, then to shouts of hatred and spite. With a rising roar, a horde of fell warriors emerged from the mist.

Fuentes Editar

  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.