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Behind a cloud of sorcerous shadow, Vermalanx had watched the battle in gloating silence.The tree-things had come as he had predicted, slaughtering Kratsik and his expendable vermin. The rot-things had been an interesting surprise, but the sudden arrival of the blazing Stormcast Eternal had sealed their doom. As Vermalanx looked on, the silver warrior staggered across the clearing, his holy fires dying. The surviving Treelord moved to block his path, but the female tree-thing waved it back. Vermalanx listened intently as the silver warrior spoke.

‘Lady,’ said the warrior, ‘through great horror have I come. I must return to my brothers. I... I have seen the Hidden Vale, reflected... I can lead them to...’ As if realising to whom he spoke, the silver warrior stopped short.

‘Fear you to tell your tale, son of Sigmar?’ replied the tree-thing. ‘You have learned a dangerous truth, it seems. Perhaps your coming shall bestir my mother from darkling dreams. We shall take you to your brothers.’

With that, the tree-thing turned away, her surviving sylvaneth and the silver warrior following. At a gesture from Vermalanx, the Gutter Runners who lurked in his shadow rose and filtered through the trees.

The Hidden Vale, thought the Verminlord. Soon, Alarielle would be his.

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  • The Quest for Ghal Maraz.
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