Aelves are one of the intelligent races who live among the Mortal Realms, known for their potent magical abilities and extremely long lives.


During the destruction of the World Before Time, Slaanesh gorged himself nearly unto sedation on the souls of Aelvenkind. When the gods found the Mortal Realms during the Age of Myth, only a few free Aelves could be found, most of whom settled the Realm of Azyr. Towards the end of the Age of Myth, the Aelven gods found Slaanesh and hatched a plan to free the Aelven souls. Teclis, Tyrion, Malerion and Morathi worked together to drag Slaanesh into Uhl-Gysh and began extracting the souls from his stomach. These souls were divided between the four gods, which they shaped to their wills. [1][2]

Following the Age of Chaos, the civilisations of the Aelves split apart and diverged. The Highborn either retreated to Azyrheim or defended their own enclaves,[4] while the Wanderers and Exiles travelled throughout the Mortal Realms. [5][6]

Related Races

When the Aelven souls were freed from the stomach of Slaanesh, they were tainted by the experience and became something other than Aelves. Morathi's souls were made into the Scathborn, such as the Melusai and Khinerai.

Any souls that were too weak or corrupted became the leathanam, a class of worker slaves. [1] Teclis created the Cythai, but when they rejected his teachings they became the Idoneth Deepkin. [2]

Though not Aelven themselves, the Sylvaneth mimic the Aelves of the World that Was, who they call "The Protectors". [3]

Aelven Gods

The New Aelven Pantheon

The new Aelven pantheon of the Mortal Realms

Many Gods lay patronage over the aelves; some were gods in the World Before Time, while others only became gods after the destruction.

Old Aelven Pantheon

  • Khaine: Though Khaine was killed by the Chaos Gods, Morathi tricked the Daughters of Khaine, claiming that he was merely weakened and that they will be able to reconstruct him through worship and devotion [1]. Morathi now held Khaine's iron heart, the only vestige of him in the Mortal Realms, yet the prayers and offerings of the Daughters power her instead.
  • Mathlann: Mathlann saved the last of the Aelven souls from the World before Time, but to no avail. He died alongside the last of Aelvenkind. The Idoneth Deepkin can channel the souls of their deceased people alongside old memories of him to summon the Eidolon of Mathlann. [2]

New Aelven Pantheon


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