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Masters of the high winds, Aetheric Navigators can unpick enemy spells via direct manipulation of arcane jet streams and hidden gales. With signal flashes of their zephyrscopes, Aetheric Navigators can also help steer any Kharadron Overlords airships into prevailing currents, or even redial their gear’s settings to summon raging aetherstorms that force airborne foes to the ground.[3]


Masters of the guiding winds, Aetheric Navigators are aero-cartographers, atmospheric map-makers that help chart courses, find currents and steer along perilous trade routes. Even the most journeyed Arkanaut Admirals value the counsel of an Aetheric Navigator, for they can see barometric eddies and electro-aetheric vortices, and can plot a course through such hazards. Using a plethora of mechanical wonders, an Aetheric Navigator can influence the winds to gain the weather gauge, speed up his fleet or slow down flying foes. They can even call upon aetheric currents to disrupt enemy spells, and their keen eyes ensure that they are proficient in the use of firearms.[1a]

Clutching his zephyrscope, an Aetheric Navigator is covered head to toe in gadgets and devices used to gauge the conditions around him and direct the skyfleets to their goal – lenses, filters, an anemometer on his right shoulder, a map case, pipes and cables used to power his equipment via his sealed suit... Therefore, he’s a great example of the technology the Kharadron employ.[2]


An Aetheric Navigator is armed with a Zephyrscope and a Ranging Pistol.[1b]



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