Khorne favours those that shed blood in his name, and Agtor Bruul has spilled seas of crimson gore in his rampage across the Realm of Aqshy. Long ago, before he swore himself to the Blood God, Agtor was a warrior of the Salamanderspur tribe. Living in the shadow of the massive smouldering caldera of the Cynder Peaks, he was forced to watch as the Fyreslayers closed their gates against the armies of Chaos, leaving the human tribes to their fate. Bitterness over the duardin's inaction festered in his heart as he watched his kindred suffer, and from its black depths a fathomless rage began to stir.[1a]

Over long centuries of murder, Agtor has been rewarded by Khorne, his lifespan extended manyfold so he might continue the god’s bloody work within the Mortal Realms. During the Age of Chaos, Agtor served within the armies that oversaw the raising of Bloodkeep and the extinction of countless peoples. Yet through it all, Agtor reserved a special hatred for the duardin. When Archaon named Agtor Realm Lord of Aqshy, the Everchosen charged him with breaking the long siege of the Cynder Peaks. It was an honour Agtor embraced with impulsive rage, casting aside an age of hard-won strategy in his eagerness to smash open the magmaholds of the Fyreslayers and fill their precious vaults with mounds of duardin skulls.[1a]


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