At first they appear as spectral blurs in the ethersea, distant streamlined shapes that seem to materialise from nowhere. With powerful thrusts of their sickle-finned tails, the forms grow all too quickly as they launch their attack.

Sleek, muscular and built for dealing death, Allopexes are legendary predators of the deep oceans. Attracted to blood, they feed upon anything they can fit into their large jaws. The mouth of an Allopex is lined with serrated triangular teeth, each one a razor-edged saw perfectly developed for cutting through flesh, bone, even metal. A hungry Allopex can bite man-sized holes in large prey, eventually bringing down even hulking krakigon or scalithaur. And they are always hungry.

Initially, the Idoneth Deepkin were unable to tame the Allopex, for its urge to kill was irrepressible. Only through the Embailors' magic were the Idoneth able to enthrall the creatures to handlers, and only the Akhelians were skilled enough to steer them. The combination of rider and beast quickly proved effective in battle. With blades attached to its pectoral fins, the Allopex was made more lethal still. It became common practice to drive shoals of the beasts directly into groups of foes, where their deadly bites and thrashing blades could wreak the most carnage.

To add long-range hitting power each Allopex bears a harpoon launcher, effectively turning the creature into a living engine of war. Sometimes called the '˜whispering death' after the sound it makes, the harpoon launcher can be loaded with two kinds of ammunition, each designed to slay different types of deep-sea foe. Razorshell bolts can be loaded and fired in quick succession, making them effective against numerous foes. Retarius nets, meanwhile, are woven from siren hair, filaments so strong and fine that those entangled by them are torn apart by their own struggles to free themselves; though slower to load, they can cause horrendous damage to single targets.




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