Ishlaen Guard forgo the voltspear in favour of a curved sword known as a helsabre. These elegant serrated blades are light enough to allow the wielder to deliver a flurry of strikes before disengaging from combat, and like the voltspears of their Morrsarr counterparts, they can harness the bioelectricity of the Fangmoras. Rather than use this force offensively, however, the Ishlaen channel it into their galv-shields, where it manifests as an arcing energy field that helps turn aside enemy blows. Thus the Ishlaen are better able to shrug off missile fire, and have greater staying power in prolonged combat than their spear-armed kin.[1a]

Akhelian Guard, both Morrsarr and Ishlaen, are typically led in battle by a Lochian Prince. These individuals are veteran soul-raiders who have demonstrated an ability to lead, and are clear candidates for Kingship in the eyes of the military council.[1b]




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