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Morrsarr Guard are armed with voltspears and galv-shields. These Akhelians channel the powerful electrical energies of their Fangmora mounts into the tips of their spears, gathering a charge that can be released, at need, as a lethal short-ranged bolt.[1a]

In addition to the crackling forces they wield, Morrsarr Guard are particularly dangerous on the charge. Their lowered voltspears can easily punch through heavy armour when striking with the momentum provided by the speeding Fangmoras. A common tactic of Akhelian Kings is to pin a foe in place with Namarti Thralls before ordering Morrsarr Guard to charge the enemy from the flank, rear or even overhead to deliver the killing blow. Some of the Idoneth's war stories tell of formations of Morrsarr Guard so large that the brightness of their combined biovoltaic blasts left the entire enemy army blinded and reeling.[1b]

Akhelian Guard, both Morrsarr and Ishlaen, are typically led in battle by a Lochian Prince. These individuals are veteran soul-raiders who have demonstrated an ability to lead, and are clear candidates for Kingship in the eyes of the military council.[1c]