The nexus of travel, the Allpoints, is the single most coveted strategic location in the Mortal Realms. Its paths have been trod by the gods themselves, and its history is filled with wars and legends. The fall of the Allpoints to Chaos marked the end of an era, but now, Sigmar is the one seeking to conquer… 18


For most creatures, travel between the Mortal Realms is impossible save by powerful magic or by a Realmgate. Even deities, when they walk amongst mortals, find such routes the easiest to navigate. The arcane passageways come in all shapes and sizes and allow travel across immeasurable distances. There are many of these gateways, and most span from one destination to another, such as the Gryphonne Gate which once bridged the twilight lands of Quillia in Azyr, to the kingdom of Rhodium in Chamon. A rare few Realmgates connect multiple locations, but there is only one that connects them all.

It was a bridge to everywhere – a strange island that existed in no place, yet was connected to all places. Named the Allpoints, it grew during the Age of Myth to become a vital nexus of travel. Grand cities sprang up around the exit arcways in each of the realms, as trade prospered between the kingdoms and races in those days when the likes of Sigmar still walked among mortals. Of all the burgeoning civilisations in all the varied realms, however, no city was more cultured or diverse than the one within the strange in-between zone that was the Allpoints. Long before Azyrheim existed, the population of the Allpoints boasted men, duardin, aelves, and dozens of other races and sentient creatures. There was strife, and occasional trade wars broke out, but they were swiftly ended with few atrocities on any side.

And then came Chaos.

From beyond reality, the Chaos Gods watched the Mortal Realms, their gaze jealously following Sigmar and his growing pantheon. Each of the Chaos powers launched attacks into the realms. Some were bold invasions, such as those led by Ghorgrax, commander of Khorne’s Rage Legion, while others, such as the Campaigns of Beguilement led by Kairos Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch, were far more subtle in nature. Yet whether by bloody battle or insidious corruption, Chaos came. 18 y 19

The Allpoints resisted. Enlisting Sigmar and his pantheon for aid, fortifications were constructed to guard each of the exits. These fortifications became known as the All-gates. The defences were formidable, with each stronghold unique to the realm in which it lay. In Chamon, the Ironholds were built to guard the Mercurial Gate – a great series of fortresses with moving walls of metal that could withstand any assault. As Chaos grew stronger, the Allpoints became more and more important. From a single point, the allied Mortal Realms could shift to help each other, aiding the armies of Sigmar’s pantheon to fight back the Chaos invaders. Many battles were fought around the All-gates, but always the Chaos forces were defeated. Too proud and too envious of each other to unite, each of the Dark Gods strove for mastery on their own. Finally, it was Archaon, the Everchosen, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse, who united the five banners of Chaos. Armies of Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, Slaanesh, and the Great Horned Rat all marched behind him. Brute force, magical manipulation, plague, temptation and swarming numbers each played a part. One by one, the All-gates fell, save only the gate guarding Azyr. Sigmar, seeing what was coming, locked the entrance to the Heavens.

The Chaos forces’ capture of the All-gates led to inevitable invasion of the Allpoints itself, and many bloody battles in which Archaon triumphed.This marked the fracturing of Sigmar’s pantheon. Each god felt betrayed and abandoned by the others. With wedges driven between the old alliances, the rise of Chaos was inevitable. Archaon used the quick access to the different realms that the Allpoints afforded to amass his strength, shifting armies where they were needed and snatching the initiative from Sigmar once and for all. And so began a five hundred-year reign of unrelenting terror, which lasted until the Stormcasts were unleashed.

The Allpoints had become known to the servants of Chaos as the Eightpoints – for the corruptive powers saw the vast inter-realm island as an eight-pointed star. There was built the Varanspire, Archaon’s fastness and the proving grounds for his vaunted Varanguard. Portals in its highest towers led straight to the Realm of Chaos. So the Allpoints became the chief place from which the anarchic energies and daemon legions of Chaos flowed freely out into the Mortal Realms. 19


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