Andricus Stoneheart is the foremost Lord-Castellant of the Hammers of Sigmar. He is the Keeper of Storms-To-Be, the Shield Celestial and the guardian of Sigmaron’s skygate. He wears his stubbornness like a cloak of iron over his embellished sigmarite plate, and his instincts for rooting out evil are almost as sharp as those of his Gryph-hound, Swiftclaw.[1a]

Long ago, the mutant menagerie of Vetcher Nadirr fell upon Andrec Stornoson’s village. Though Stornoson was the village elder, more than twice the age of any of his peers, he was the first to take up shield and spear against the corrupted lava-beast ravaging the stables where the tribe’s shamans sheltered. Andrec took the creature’s fiery breath on his shield before spitting the beast with a golden spear – and slaying a dozen horned warriors besides. Sigmar was impressed, and gave Andrec a new life so he could defend the virtuous from Chaos forever more.[1a]


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