Whereas Gork prefers to look his enemy in the eye when he bashes their face in, Mork has no reservations about sticking his foes when they are looking in the other direction, or when they are too far to hit back. Arrowboys favour this cunning way of combat, filling their quarry full of wicked arrows before moving in to finish them off with stabby things.[2]


Exceptionally talented, gifted marksmen despite their madness, Arrowboys don’t need impressively-carved ornate bows to wage their wars. Their primitive weapons become instruments of precise, deadly destruction in their hands, aided by Waaagh! energy. Equally skilled at shooting on the move as standing still (which few Bonesplitterz do for very long), they’re also adept at close combat, cheerfully swinging their bows about like clubs, smashing in teef and taking no prisoners.[1]

Wargear and abilities

Units of Arrowboys have 10 or more warriors, led by a Boss, who can wield a chompa instead of a bow. They are armed with stinga bows. Some may carry bone totems, while others may become Skull Thumpers.[2]



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