The Beast-Slayers, Heavens’ Claw, the Bane of Tyrants

Astral Templars color scheme

"Called barbaric by some, the Astral Templars have lost none of their tribal savagery in the process of reforging. Their specialism lies in the slaying of monstrous foes, for as mortals they hunted giant beasts to survive. Now they fight gargants and hulking tyrants on behalf of all the realms"

Recruited from the most warlike and barbarous mortal tribes, the Stormcast Eternals of the Astral Templars are warriors born. They were once savages, uncouth but true of heart, and are hence never more at home than when surrounded by enemies in battle. This fierce heritage has stood them in good stead. Four Warrior Chambers of the Astral Templars famously entered the Gnarlwood of Ghur to hunt the monsters there – and not only survived, but emerged from the darkness victorious.

Their commanders are the most ferocious of their kind, and they take great pleasure in hurling themselves into desperate combats and matching themselves against towering, Chaos-tainted monsters. Of especial skill are the warriors of the Vanguard Chambers, who have highly developed hunter’s instincts.

The Astral Templars still wear furs and pelts over their sigmarite armour, mementos of their feral past. In their tribal rituals, the Stormhost honours Ursricht, the White Bear. Though commonly depicted as a white-haired man, it is said he is a godbeast that can take the form of a gigantic ursine monster when the season of war is at hand. It is his ferocious brawn that the Astral Templars seek to emulate. When the skies rumble like the growl of a hunting beast, and the clouds yawn open to disgorge thick columns of lightning, even the largest Chaos-drake or vilest gargant can soon find itself not predator, but prey.

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