The axe is Khorne’s favoured weapon. Heavy, brutal, and near useless for parrying but ideal for lopping heads, the axe suits the Blood God’s warriors perfectly. Unsurprising, then, that when Khorne gifts one of his followers with a weapon ofpower, it will nearly always be an Axe of Khorne. The precise nature of these fell weapons varies, dependent upon the whims of the Blood God and of the daemonic smiths who forge them. One axe might be a black-spiked creation of living brass that screams as it devours the souls of its prey, while the next may be a bone-fanged horror that rips holes in reality, or a twisted blade that flickers with daemonfire and sets its victims alight at the slightest touch. Whatever its form, an Axe of Khorne always bears the Blood God’s rune, and contains the bound essence of a raging daemon. Such a blade must be fought and mastered at all times, for it will take the life of an unworthy wielder as easily as those of his foes.[1a]


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