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Aylessa is a darkmaiden vampire that ruled over the Nightlands in Shyish.[1a]


Aylessa is the blood sister of Cyssandra and Yessanna, a member of one of Neferata’s darkmaiden broods. For centuries of blood and terror beyond count, she ruled over the Nightlands and the River of Souls that runs through it. From her sailing castle, she spread dark magics and despair among the mortal tribes of the Nightlands. Using her sorcery, her thrall over that domain was absolute; she constantly spied upon its populace, sending undead armies to punish any that defied the wishes of Neferata or her mistress’ master, Nagash. However, when the Ironjawz invaded her kingdom she was already responding to a call for help from her queen, and was making full speed for the river’s end where Neferata’s palace stood in the centre of its own ghostly empire. Dakkbad’s invasion of the Nightlands caught her ill-prepared, and set the vampire on an altogether different path. Now she hunts her hated prey across Shyish and beyond, following the beast’s trail of destruction while she dreams of the bitter taste of his blood.[1a]