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Azyrheim, also called the Eternal City, is one of the greatest cities of the Realm of Azyr. It essentially serves as the capital of Sigmar's empire in the Mortal Realms, for it is in Azyrheim that the God-King himself resides, building his armies of Stormcast Eternals and planning his vengeance upon the Dark Gods of Chaos.

Each of the Mortal Realms once boasted many great cities, civilised places full of wonder. Since the Age of Chaos, they have been ransacked many times over, save only Azyrheim, which stands eternal.

It is the last great bastion of Order, a walled city, renowned not just for its size and splendour, but also for its citizens, the Free Peoples.

There, communities of Men, Aelves and Duardin as well as many others dwell. Many came as refugees, fleeing their own embattled realms before Sigmar commanded the Gates of Azyr to be shut. Others trace their line of descent from times more ancient still, bitter remnants of the World-That-Was displaced out of home and time.

Although Azyrheim's citizens come from different nations, they are united by a common hatred of Chaos, and by dreams of one day reclaiming their lost lands.

Many armies of retribution have vowed to march out from Azyrheim, joining the Stormcast Eternals as they seek revenge against the minions of the Dark Gods.[1a]