Bael-Grimnir has been Runefather of the Vostarg lodge for over

Bael-Grimnir, Runefather of the Vostarg Lodge.

two hundred years. Stubborn and proud, he has sired dozens of sons, outlived many, and sent others to found their own lodges and widen the search for ur-gold. The Vostarg are one of the oldest Fyreslayer lodges in Aqshy, and many lodges can trace their lineage back to Urgom-Grimnir, rumoured to have been the first to climb the Thousand Stairs and lay pick to stone in the place where Furios Peak’s magmahold now stands. Bael prefers to lead his lodge from the front lines, and spends almost as much time riding his Magmadroth, Flamespitter, into battle as taking care of matters of lodge business. Though his beard shows the silver threads of middle age, Bael is a fierce foe, as attested by the Hall of Helms that boasts trophies from almost every race and every realm. Bael’s sons are always trying to best the deeds of their father, each hoping to be the next lord of the lodge. As Bael enjoys reminding them, however, he has no plans to hand over the master latchkey just yet.[1a]


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