Baergut Vosjarl was the first Frostlord, and he witnessed the creation of the first Beastclaw Alfrostuns. Many legends surround the Beastclaw hero, and most ogors believe it was some act of Baergut’s that summoned the first Everwinter. Amongst these tales perhaps the most famous is the story of how Mork tricked Baergut into eating the heart of the frozen ur-bear Jorhar. Mork had been angered by the Frostlord’s bold claims of the ogors’ ascendancy over all other beasts. Devising a cunning trick, the god led Baergut into a wastelands, where no food existed, on the promise of a great battle. When the ogor arrived in the lair of Jorhar, Baergut was almost mad with hunger. After a savage fight, the Frostlord hacked open Jorhar and greedily ate its innards, including the monster’s still-beating heart. The organ was so powerful it refused to be digested, and from that day, with each beat a cold wind was called to Baergut. Frostlords claim that on the wind’s howl, the sound of Jorhar’s heart can still be heard, summoning winter to the Beastclaws.

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