Eternally wreathed in dark mists, the sky-port of Barak-Mhornar is where the most illicit trade deals and shady goings-on occur. Labelled pirates or worse by the duardin of the other sky-ports, the denizens of Barak-Mhornar are regarded with no small amount of irony as great innovators when it comes to interpreting the Kharadron Code. Indeed, several of the amendments that have been added to the original document were ratified specifically to halt depredations largely being carried out by privateer fleets from Barak-Mhornar.

The guile of those who hail from the City of Shadow is legendary among the Kharadron Overlords. Tales abound of their use of optics that alter the colour of their ships, and of surprise attacks launched suddenly by their fleets from the blackest of clouds.


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