The old ways are best, say the duardin who hail from Barak-Thryng. They are so conservative that they feel the Kharadron Code should not be altered from its original form, and even stubbornly refuse to recognise some of the amendments that have been made since. Such an outlook has meant that they have a garnered reputation as intractable trading partners within Kharadron society.

Obstreperous and easily offended, the folk of Barak-Thryng venerate the past and fill their city with monuments to the duardin's ancestors and gods. Their disposition is best described as gruff and dissapproving, and even amongst fellow duardin they are infamous for holding grudges. Although they have but a single delegate in the Geldraad - the hoary Admiral Grymm Sternbok - none can fail to hear his loud list of complaints at every session.


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