Barak-Urbaz is one of the six major sky-ports of the Kharadron Overlords. It is the most cosmopolitan sky-port and one of the richest, with income from transport through hidden Realmgates and harvesting of aether-gold. The most skilled Aether-Khemists come from Barak-Urbaz.

It is said that bartering with a trader from Barak-Urbaz is more treacherous than navigating a shoal of stunfish. Barak-Urbaz is the most cosmopolitan of the sky-ports, and its citizens pursue profit with unmatched zeal. This city boasts the greatest fishing fleets, for its Codewrights long ago won Code Claims to the most abundant cloud banks. Further income pours into the sky-port from Realmgates known only to its Admiral Council, and its fleets ferry people or goods through these portals to any of the realms so long as their prices are met. The most skilled Aether-Khemists come from Barak-Urbaz, and their alchemic formulas ensure that not even the clouds can avoid being squeezed from extra profit.


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