Barak-Zhilfin, the Windswept City is the second richest sky-port of the Kharadron Overlords. It is known for its skilled pilots and shipwrights and for its competitive nature.

Also known as the Windswept City, Barak-Zilfin is famed for the skill of its pilots and shipwrights. No fleets venture as far as those from Barak-Zilfin, and while some regard them as reckless, they are confident in the abilities of their crew and the sturdiness of their ships. None can predict or ride the zephyrs as can those of Barak-Zilfin. They are known as windmasters, although the other sky-ports claim this moniker refers to their tendency to boast, or even their skills of flatulence. This is mere jealousy, for the aggressive opening of new trade markets has seen Barak-Zilfin grow to be the second largest of the Kharadron sky-ports, holding vital seats on the Geldraad. It is a position they seem unlikely to relinquish, for the Great Coghalls of Barak-Zilfin the most famed of all Endrineering Academies produce more new airships than any other.



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