The first founded of the sky-ports, Barak-Zon is also the highest situated. It is known as the City of the Sun because the light causes the floating metal metropolis to gleam red from afar, as though it were burning like some distant star. Fourteen triumphal arches are situated throughout the sky-port, each marking a major victory of the Kharadron Overlords. Martial pride is everything to its citizens, and rare indeed is the Barak-Zon Arkanaut that does not long to earn the Ironstar and be immortalised along one of the many avenues of heroes that traverse the city.

The duardin of Barak-Zon hail the incomparable Admiral Nelriksson as their greatest champion, for it was he who proved indomitable during the Time of Reaving, a period in which he won his most famous triumph at the Battle of Tungsten Peaks.


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