The haunted forests and wastelands of the Mortal Realms are home to savage creatures that live only to trample and despoil. Some call them the horned ones, others the true children of Chaos, but to mortal men they are known as Beastmen. When the horns of battle call, the warherds mass alongside their bull-headed brethren to fight alongside the armies of Chaos. The only reward they seek is the chance to wreak utter havoc upon everything in their path.


Though the Beastmen keep few (if any) written records, it is known that the Beastmen first came into existence during the early years of the World Before Time. When Chaos first invaded the world, a plethora of meteorites forged of warpstone crashed into the forests of the world, altering the forms of the creatures living there. They grew into half-man, half-beast horrors and, for a time, they ruled this fallen world from their forest homes. Then came Sigmar...

The coming of Sigmar saw the Beastmen driven back and their forests ripped apart. Shamed, but not beaten, they remained in the dark, plotting and scheming for the day when they would reclaim their lands and trample each human edifice into the dirt. For thousands of years, they fought the humans (and anything else) that dared to encroach on their homes. Though the humans fought hard, there were times when the Beastmen would gain victories over them. Elves- the ancient kin of Alarielle -would also prove problematic, as their kind had a similar hatred of the Beastmen, though their concern was more over the welfare of the forest rather then of civilization.

Eventually, a great cataclysm saw the World Before Time destroyed and, with it, several billions of lives. The Beastmen had gained victory, but at what cost? The coming of the Eight Realms created a new home- the Realm of Ghur -for the Beastmen, who have since fought for it against the Orruks and any who would dare to claim their lands.