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Beastriders, also known as Thegns, are ogors of the Beastclaw Raiders that form two-men teams to ride atop huge beasts to battle, such as Stonehorns and Thundertusks.[1][2][3][4]


When riding two abreast on a Stonehorn, Beastriders bring down enemies with their snapping chaintraps and harpoons, hauling in their kills to add to the Alfrostun’s meat harvest. As the beast roars into battle, the ground shakes under its impressive bulk, each footfall a bell-toll of doom. The foe can try to retaliate, but attempts to slow a Stonehorn are futile, as the dense stone skeleton of the Stonehorn means their attacks simply glance off with a spark, whether blade or bolt. When Stonehorn Beastriders enter the battle, the meat harvest of the Beastclaw Raiders will be plentiful.[1][2]

For their part, as rumbling harbingers of the Everwinter, Thundertusks make the air around them thick with glimmering frost. The savage Beastriders who sit astride them guide them into the heart of battle, there to amplify the killing power of the Everwinter, attacking and harvesting enemies with their blasts of frost-wreathed ice.[3][4]


Two ogor Thegns are carried on each beast’s back. One of the Thegns is armed with a harpoon launcher; the other carries either a chaintrap or a Blood Vulture. The Thegns can also lash out with punches and kicks.[2][4]

The Stonehorn uses its horns to pulverise the enemy, and can deliver terrible blows with its crushing ohoves.[2]

The Thundertusk can pound foes with crushing blows of its hooves and tusks, or shatter them with blasts of magical frost-wreathed ice.[4]