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Driven by a Cairn Wraith and bearing the remains of a slain vampire or powerful Necromancer, the Black Coach seeks out sites of great slaughter and suffering, swelling with dark magic as it runs down helpless mortals in an explosion of gore.[1b]


The mightiest blow or spell can unbind the spirits of the undead, destroying them. However, the most powerful of these creatures - most notably Soulblight vampires, lichelords or the most adept of Necromancers - can survive the destruction of their material form. Driven by a dark will, their malevolent animus begins to gather and re-form a new physical shell.[1a]

The Black Coaches are funerary carriages from the underworlds. Within these arcane vehicles any tangible remains - be they ashes, bones, or leathery scraps of skin - are gathered in a casket that offers a safe haven in which the banished entity can reform. The dormant occupant can feed upon the energies of death, drinking in agony and grief in order to grow stronger.[1a]

Pulled by four skeletal Nightmare steeds, the Black Coach speeds forward at a considerable pace. The driver is a Cairn Wraith who either wields a two-handed reaper scythe or employs the nightmarish soulreach grasp, their spectral hands ranging out impossibly far to pluck out a victim's very soul. Hovering about the unholy carriage are wraith-like relic bearers, each carrying an artefact important to the recovering being. The Black Coach is phantasmal in nature, unbound by the physical world. Its wheels run over pits and precipices, leaving the ground altogether in order to clear obstacles, although it may also choose to simply pass through them.[1a]

Black Coaches are drawn towards battlefields, for there the power of death is strongest. From atop the coach the Cairn Wraith targets nearby enemies while the iron-bound wheels and pounding hooves of the steeds crush foes beneath them. Gliding from the skies above, the relic bearers dart in to deliver blows with their spectral talons. All of this violence only helps to fuel the death magic that is absorbed by the malefic thing in the coffin. By drawing off those dark energies, the being within the casket grows stronger, its aura of malice expanding ever outwards. As this happens, the Black Coach becomes an even deadlier threat to its foes. [1a]

On first tasting death, the Black Coach speeds forward before shimmering jets of balefire extend from the wheels, acting like scythes to cut down enemies. When the coach is immersed in sufficient energies it flickers, allowing it to disappear only to reappear in a more advantageous position. As the hellish vehicle continues to absorb power, the souls of the freshly slain are subsumed, healing the coach and exuding a nimbus of fell light. With enough death magic nearby, the witchfires of the Black Coach blaze outwards, scorching any who draw near. So does the Black Coach hurtle across the battlefield, reaping the foe and feeding its dark passenger. Onwards it rolls, growing ever more powerful until it becomes a nigh-unstoppable force of death.[1a]


A Black Coach is driven by a Cairn Wraith armed with a Soulreach Grasp or a Reaper Scythe. The Black Coach is drawn by four Nightmares that attack with their Hooves and Teeth. Three Relic Bearers accompany the Black Coach, and can attack with their Spectral Claws.[1b][2]