Bladegheist Revenants miniatures.

Such is the curse of the Bladegheist Revenants that they fi؜ght with the frantic desperation of a drowning man attempting to reach the surface. Eternally trapped in the last moments of their lives, these spirits fight with an unmatched frenzy.[1b]


Moving like a ghostly cyclone, the creatures known as Bladegheist Revenants spin in a frenetic fashion. They are souls taken from those who met particularly tormenting ends - those sealed in spike-ridden encasements, choked beneath water or buried alive. Their last living thoughts were a frenzy of desperation, a last flurry of defiance in an attempt to break free. Thanks to Nagash's terrible curse, that horrible ending moment has been preserved forever in the Bladegheist Revenants.[1a]

Still lashing out in a blind frenzy, each Bladegheist Revenant has now been armed with a long sword - a tomb greatblade - that stands nearly as tall as a man. In their maddened fury the revenants spin in arcs, their own momentum pulling them forward in a destructive path that cleaves through the enemy's ranks. Although their other senses are numbed, trapped as they are in a final push for freedom, Bladegheist Revenants can feel the presence of what they imagine to be their captors. Any nearby Spirit Torments or Chainrasp Hordes serve to spur the whirling spectres on to even further manic efforts to escape their imagined doom.[1a]


A unit of Bladegheist Revenants has any number of models. Each Bladegheist Revenant is armed with a Tomb Greatblade.[1b][2]



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