A nauseating sorcerer of Nurgle who rides to war upon the pox maggoth Bilespurter, Bloab Rotspawned is host to a living swarm of daemonflies that infests the lands in his wake.[1a]


Though Bloab rejoices in the title Lord of the Daemonflies, in truth he is the swarm, and the swarm is Bloab.[1a]

Though he was once tall and wholesome of build, Bloab had a sickness of the mind that saw him persecute insects and small animals in his spare time, pulling their legs and wings off with an unseemly glee. Father Nurgle has endless love for all living things, no matter how small, and took exception to this behaviour. One moonlit night, when Bloab was snoring loudly, Nurgle sent a host of daemonflies pouring from the skies to funnel themselves into Bloab’s yawning mouth. They laid their larvae inside him before buzzing out once more, bloodied and grinning. The daemonfly larvae hatched, and Bloab writhed in agony as he was eaten from the inside out. Now there is nothing left of the once-handsome warrior other than a toughened hide teeming with maggots.[1a]

Luckily, Father Nurgle is an indulgent sort, quick to forgive his errant children. When Bloab turned his malice to the enemies of his new patron, he was not only rewarded with a sojourn through Nurgle’s Garden, but also given a pair of windspeaker bells that had hung from the veranda of the Plague God’s rotting manse. So tireless has Bloab’s atonement been that he was sought out by the pox maggoth Bilespurter, its intent not to devour, but to befriend. Now it is Bloab’s maggoth that plucks the limbs from its master’s victims, heaving digestive acid onto its prey whilst Bloab himself incants his spells of entropy. In the swarm lies Bloab’s true power, for when his daemonflies travel the realms, crops of vile diseases blossom in their wake.[1a]

Bloab Rotspawned is important not only to Nurgle’s plans to impinge upon Khorne’s victories, but also to Archaon’s plan to harness the godbeast Ignax. Already, the strength-sapping Plague of Atrophy, carried by Bloab’s daemonflies, has spread like wildfire across Asphyxia. Khorne desires war without end, but by sapping the strength of the battling hordes, Nurgle intends to see the fires of battle gutter and go out altogether – and the fiery spirit of Aqshy with them. Only then can the cycle of life begin anew, and only then will the volatile godbeast Ignax be cowed enough for Archaon to enslave – for in the Ashlands, the fires of the mortal spirit fuel the inferno that burns within Ignax’s noble breast.[1a]



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