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ThePope3333 ThePope3333 9 October 2020

The Cypher Lords

Hey! I am new here, wanting to become an official moderator here. I love Age of Sigmar, and I wanted to show that I am determined and dutiful towards fulfilling the collection of AoS knowledge. So, the two main things I did to express my dedication is that I added a location in the Realm of Hysh, as well as create a wiki page for the Cypher Lords! I hope that I have shown that while I am not the most perfect coder, I am willing to learn!

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 5 October 2017

Can you make the New Archaon Model be on Foot?

I would like to see a model of AoS Archaon on Foot instead of mount, please.

Please know by commenting here.

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 27 September 2017

AoS Fan Lore: Extinction of the Halflings

Okay. When i first looked the Warhammer FB wiki seeing no trivia involving no copyright parts to Tolkien about Halflings in WH.

The Halflings in Age of Sigmar are probably or temporarily extinct due to the destruction of the Old World and its moons.

Mootland is gone because of the Old World's destruction by the Chaos Gods including Slaanesh.

What i'm thinking of that there will be no more Halflings in Warhammer (There's also Ratlings from 40k) because of copyright to Tolkien.

In the future of AoS fans, fans can call their own AoS Halflings Shortkin or Shortmen. But not Gnomes actually.

This blog is about Lore to Age of Sigmar Halflings being extinct.

What i'm guessing is... that you can find Halfling models on Google or eBay.

Besides, the Halflin…

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Aresius King Aresius King 4 August 2016

Factions and subfactions chart

  • 1 Order
  • 2 Chaos
  • 3 Destruction
  • 4 Death

  • Stormcast Eternals:
    • Extremis Chamber.
  • Seraphon.
  • Sylvaneth.
  • Duardin:
    • Fyreslayers.
    • Dispossessed.
  • Free Peoples:
    • Devoted of Sigmar.
    • Collegiate Arcane.
    • Ironweld Arsenal.
  • Aelfs:
    • Highborn:
      • Eldritch Council.
      • Phoenix Temple.
      • Lion Rangers.
      • Order Draconis.
      • Swifthawk Agents.
    • Exiles:
      • Scourge Privateers.
      • Daughters of Khaine.
      • Darkling Covens.
      • Order Serpentis.
    • Wanderers.

  • Chaos:
    • Varanguard.
    • Slaves to Darkness.
    • Daemons.
  • Khorne:
    • Khorne Bloodbound.
    • Daemons of Khorne.
  • Tzeentch:
    • Tzeentch Arcanites.
    • Daemons of Tzeentch.
  • Nurgle:
    • Nurgle Rotbringers.
    • Daemons of Nurgle.
  • Slaanesh:
    • Hosts of Slaanesh.
  • Skaven:
    • Masterclan.
    • Clans Pestilens.
    • Clans Skryre.
    • Clans Moulder.
    • Clans Eshin.
    • Clans Verminus.
  • Beastmen:
    • Brayherds.
    • Warherds.
    • Thunderscorn.
    • Monsters of Chaos.
  • Zharr Goroth:
    • Ba'hal.
  • Fimirach.

  • Orr…

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KieranHayns KieranHayns 16 February 2016

Wanderer (Wood Aelf) Tactics

  • 1 Why play Wanderers?
    • 1.1 Pros:
    • 1.2 Cons:
  • 2 The Units
    • 2.1 Named Characters
    • 2.2 Heros
      • 2.2.1 Glade Lord
      • 2.2.2 Glade Lord on Forest Dragon
        • Command Ability: Highborn Lord - A suped up version of the standard Glade Lords command ability which allows you to re roll both hit and wound rolls of 1 for Wanderer units within 16"
      • 2.2.3 Glade Lord on Great Eagle

The Wanderers (AKA Wood Elves) are quite a mixedbag army despite there reputation for shooting. However while they do appear to have a number of units for a number of situations the wanders key strengths still focus on two things, Speed and shooting stuff.

The entire Wanderer army is fast with no exceptions. most foot troops have the standard 6" movement that comes with most Aelfs, however the army is laced…

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KieranHayns KieranHayns 16 February 2016

Age of Sigmar Tactics

This is a page designed to give players a general idea of tactics involved in the game of Age of Sigmar both in general and army specific.

PLEASE NOTE: Descriptions are designed to help those either new to the game or new to a particular race and as such the tactics will address largely the basics. Please reserve any differences of oppinion for the comments section.

  • Wanderer (Wood Aelf) Tactics.
  • Bretonnian Tactics.
  • Dispossessed (Duardin) Tactics.
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