Blood Warriors

Eyes wild with murderous fury behind the vision-slits of their helms, the Blood Warriors barge through the midst of combat. Their axes run red with the spilt gore of their foes, while their enemies’ attacks clang from the thick plates of their armour.[1a]


Born from the red-raw horror of the most violent battles, Blood Warriors are relentless howling killers whose fury burns hot enough to shimmer the air. Only when a mortal has fought long and hard, and wrought such ruin upon his foes that he is blood-soaked from head to toe, does he become a Blood Warrior. The Blood God looks down upon the gore-drenched killer, triumphant over the corpses of countless foes, and is much pleased. Thus, he bestows his gifts upon them, and claims them as his own. Khorne’s dominion over the Mortal Realms is so great that any can fall to this Red Baptism, be they devoted worshipper of Khorne, simple tribesman or noble and pure-hearted knight. Even those who fought furiously against Khorne’s monstrous servants just hours before can find themselves suddenly transformed. Some say that the very blood shed by these chosen flows and congeals at that moment, scabbing into the thick, heavy plates of the Blood Warrior’s armour before becoming brass and iron. Others claim that, even after his Red Baptism, a Blood Warrior’s armour will continue to bleed when struck, as though it were a living part of his own body.[1a]

Whatever the case, from the moment of his choosing, the newly forged Blood Warrior becomes an unwavering servant of Khorne. His vision turns to angry shades of red, and will remain so for the rest of his days. A furious lust for battle grips him, such that he cannot know a moment of satisfaction unless he is butchering the foe in the Blood God’s name. Indeed, so great is the wrath of the Blood Warriors that even when mortally wounded they will continue to fight for long seconds afterward, hacking and hewing until the last spark of life leaves their broken bodies.[1a]


A unit of Blood Warriors has 5 or more members. Some units of Blood Warriors take to the battlefield with a Goreaxe in each hand, while others prefer to use a single Goreaxe so that they can also carry a Gorefist. 1 in every 10 may instead be armed with a Goreglaive.The leader of this unit is a Chaos Champion. Anyone in this unit may be Icon Bearers.[1b]


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