Advancing upon their foes in a great, howling mass, the cannibalistic Bloodreavers make up the bulk of Khorne’s mortal hordes. These savage tribesmen hack and stab until they are covered from head to foot in the enemy’s blood, fighting desperately to win the favour of their dark god.[1a]


So vast have the Bloodreaver tribes become, so numerous and powerful, that the ground shakes with their footfalls. From on high they resemble a seething ocean of flesh and iron, surging across the land in roaring waves. Though an individual Bloodreaver might not be the equal of a Blood Warrior or Skullreaper in single combat, they are still ferocious enough to be more than a match for most mortal foes. Their strength and brutality, combined with seemingly endless numbers, means that the Bloodreavers are a terrifying and deadly blight upon the realms.[1a]

The darkest truth about the Bloodreavers is that most began their lives as mortal tribesmen. These warriors fought hard against the evils of Chaos, but were conquered by the onslaught of the Bloodbound. At battle’s end, urrounded by the carrion heaps of their brothers in arms, knowing their own death loomed near, they were given a choice: join the dark feast, devour the torn-out hearts of their own kinsmen, or become meat for the banquet themselves. Such is the fear the Bloodbound evoke that few refused, and from that first, awful bite, the vanquished became the damned.[1a]

It is the way of Chaos to corrupt even as it empowers, and so does the dark feast twist the Bloodreavers. Any lingering ghosts of guilt or horror are soon swallowed up amid the raging tide of battle, and with each heart eaten the tribesmen become a little more Khorne’s slaves. Some degenerate altogether, transforming into drooling lunatics or writhing Chaos Spawn. Most find their bodies swelling with new muscle, even as an all-consuming lust for violence clouds their minds. Whatever they once were is drowned in blood and war, until only the worship of Khorne remains.[1a]


A unit of Bloodreavers has 10 or more members. Some units of Bloodreavers fight with Reaver Blades, while others prefer to use Meatripper Axes. The leader of this unit is a Chieftain. Anyone in this unit may be Icon Bearers. Anyone in this unit may be Horn blowers.[1b]


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