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All bullgors are consumed with rage, but the Bloodscorch tribes embody it. Huge in stature and rapacious in their desire for bloodshed, they are archetypal beasts of Khorne. Every commander who delights in the raw power of Chaos will relish bringing these bullgors to their armies.[1a]


A nightmarish cacophony of thunderous bellows and stampeding hooves heralds the dire end of many who face the bullgors. Twice the sizeof a man and immensely strong, they scythe into the fray with vicious horns and ragged blades that eviscerate the flesh and splinter the bones of their woeful victims. Being huge yet swift, bullgors have no great need for protective armour, and they tend to eschew it bar sections on their upper arms. Their hand weapons largely take the form of colossal axes and maces which, while rudimentary, are brutally effective.[1a]