High priests of the Blood God’s creed, Bloodsecrators bear huge icons of Khorne into battle. Not only do these artefacts inspire the warriors around them, but they are able to sunder the skin of reality itself, allowing the hateful energies of Khorne’s realm to spill forth like a bloody gale.[1a]


Howling in incoherent fury, Bloodsecrators wade into battle with their Khornate icons held high. The Bloodsecrators fight to bear their portals of skulls into the very heart of the foe, and there unleash the might of the Blood God’s realm. They are driven by a battle-lust so pure it borders on elemental, an undiluted rage that pleases the Blood God greatly.[1a]

From the Whispering Valleys of the Ulgulands to the Igneous Delta of Aqshy, there are many dark tales of how Bloodsecrators arise. Rumours persist of a sudden madness that strikes when the moons wax full, when blood is spilled upon ley lines, or when certain strange daemonic words are carved into flesh. Some claim that a Bloodsecrator’s appearance is a sign of the foul influence of Chaos seeping into reality, tainting water, air, even flesh with its touch. Still others believe that Khorne chooses his Bloodsecrators intentionally, reaching out to fire their minds and boil their thoughts with visions of blood and slaughter.[1a]

Whatever the truth, when a man becomes a Bloodsecrator he loses everything that made him human. In its place, a volcanic rage takes hold, drowning out all rational thought and burning away the Bloodsecrator’s sense of self. He hears the roars of the Blood God in his thoughts day and night, becoming a conduit for Khorne’s frenzied desire to fill the realms with everlasting battle. Bereft of all but the most basic ability to reason, Bloodsecrators care nothing for their own lives, nor for personal advancement or glory. Instead, they simply fight and kill endlessly, no matter the odds they face.[1a]

Once a Bloodsecrator’s rampage begins, he is Khorne’s creature absolutely. Newly forged Bloodsecrators are drawn instinctively to the Blood God’s realm. There, those who survive this bloody pilgrimage are rewarded with icons of Khorne to carry into battle. More than simply a rallying point for the Bloodbound, the Bloodsecrators’ icons are lodestones of Khornate energy, drawing in the rage and pain from all around them. In the midst of battle these grim icons pulse with a reservoir of furious power that the Bloodsecrators can tap at will. Plunging their icons’ hafts into the ground and bellowing their fury to the skies, the Bloodsecrators unleash a shock wave of Khornate power that tears open the veil between worlds. The ground turns to blazing brass and the air to sulphurous fumes. Those of Khorne’s faithful caught within this temporary realmflux are driven into a maddened killing frenzy, destroying all in their path as the energies of the Blood God’s realm infuse them.[1a]


A Bloodsecrator is armed with an Ensorcelled Axe. He carries a Portal of Skulls, a blessed icon of Khorne.[1b]


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