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Eager for battle, the Bloodtoofs Warclan paint their armour red, the colour of blood and war. Whether this is because they see red as the fightiest colour or so they can easily see where their boys are going –and thus find the best fights – is unclear, but there are few sights are fearsome as this tide of red iron.[1]


To find the best fights means finding the Fist of Gork. The Bloodtoofs know this, and so their hordes of crimson mobs fight across the Mortal Realms looking for the legendary Gordrakk. Megaboss Zogbak Realmrippa knows his warclan is the best, and so assumes that the Great Waaagh! must be waiting for him somewhere. Always on the move, the Bloodtoofs hunt out Realmgates, looking for the one Gordrakk is on the other side of. Along the way, they aim to win as many fights as they can, and took time from their hunt to cut down the Singing Oak of Faeious, silencing its gentle song with their choppas and giving its guardians a good stomping to boot. In the Penumbral Vault, the Flesh-eater Court of Marrowthirst felt the Bloodtoofs’ wrath when the Ironjawz smashed into the king’s menagerie and turned his clutch of zombie dragons into a twitching idol to Gork (or Mork, depending on the angle). No territory or kingdom is safe from the Bloodtoof’s violence, as Zogbak leads them through one Realmgate after another, seeking the biggest scrap.[1a]

Across the World Chasm

Zectoka gazed down from the stars above the Jade Realm, his ancient eyes following the path of destruction wrought by the Ironjawz. Even to look upon the wild orruks was painful for the slann, as their destructive existence frayed the fates and made all futures they touched unpredictable. The slann had watched while the Yewood Kingdoms had fallen, believing that the rest of the Living Plains would remain safe, as they were protected by the World Chasm. The slann’s expectation was that the ever-fractious Ironjawz, denied any other opponents, would turn on each other, tearing themselves apart in their unending lust for battle. He saw, however, that once again the orruks had proven his predictions wrong. The Ironjawz were attacking the roots of the tree city of Silverglade with wild abandon. It did not take a great mind to understand their crude plan. The time had come to act.[1f]

Stepping out of the ether, the slann materialised upon the creaking oaken crossing. Far below, a river of worlds’blood glowed like a ribbon of flame,promising a swift end to any that fell into the chasm. Megaboss Zogbak clambered up onto the huge fallen tree. Behind him, his Bloodtoofs were still smashing apart the castle-sized roots of the Silverglade Oak, cutting down the few remaining Branchwraiths to crawl out of the loamy ruin. Up ahead, across the chasm, a new land awaited. Zogbak rubbed his toothy jaw in anticipation of the fighting to come. Yelling out to his Brutefists, Zogbak stalked out onto the bridge, its surface covered with a forest of huge, tangled branches.[1f]

From between the boughs, cerulean light suddenly erupted; rays like ghostly spears stabbing toward the sky. Zectoka’s seraphon army materialised across the surface of the tree bridge, awall of roaring celestial warriors and hulking reptilian beasts. Zogbak didn’teven hesitate – with a mighty bellow, the Megaboss charged toward the defenders before they had any chance to ready their lines, and his army charged after him, spurred on by the chance for a fresh scrap so soon after smashingup the sylvaneth. Snorting, Zogbak’s Gorefists broke into the lead, crashing through the branches like a tsunami even as Saurus Warriors tried to block their way.[1f]

Without breaking stride, hundreds of Gore-gruntas barrelled into the saurus lines to the thunderous roar of hooves and bawling Ironjawz. As they passed, seraphon were hurled into the air or flung into the void that stretched to either side of the bridge. Scaled muscle tried to hold back rampaging beast-flesh, but the orruk charge could not be denied. Amid the carnage, Zogbak arrived, laying about himself with his massive boss choppa, each swing felling ranks of hissing foes. The seraphon moved swiftly to contain the breakthrough by the Gore-gruntas. On the flanks, swarms of skinks rained celestial missiles down onto the orruk riders, while from the sky Terradons swooped low, hurling rocks into the fray. However, it was a kin to throwing pebbles at a charging troggoth.[1g]

Zectoka, ringed by his Saurus Guard,did not flinch as his army parted like flesh before an iron blade. Instead, he called out to the stars, weaving magics both ancient and terrible into a deadly spell. Meteors fell from the sky, each one hurtling down to punch through the oak in a shower of splintered wood and flame. Burning gruntas squealed in pain as they and their riders were thrown into the air, plummeting off into the chasm below. The tree began to buckle under the celestial onslaught, creaking and cracking alarmingly as holes appeared in its length. The arrival of thousands of Brutes was certainly not helping matters, even if they were now hewing their way into the seraphon lines. Beyond the rain of blazing comets, Zogbak could see the slann casting his sorceries, and plunged towards him through the press of slashing blades and snapping fangs. At once, enemies swarmed around him, and it was all he could do just to stop the seraphon from heaving him into the abyss.[1g]

Seeing his boss’ predicament, Weirdnob Zzapdak stumbled forward, unleashing the power of the Waaagh! in a wave of green, sorcerous energy. Zectoka reached out with his mind and tried to unravel the spell. What should have been as easy as sweeping away a spider’s web, however, was more like wading through a writhing pitof worms. Although his opponent was undisciplined, the sheer power the Weirdnob was wielding almost overwhelmed the Starmaster, and the slann had to redouble his efforts.[1g]

While slann and Weirdnob struggled over the power of the Waaagh!, Zogbak pressed forward through the mess of combat. Where moments before the bridge had been one side of a vast fallen tree, its branches a forest through which the battle raged, now it was a splintered wasteland, as dozens of yawning holes cracked open in the bark underfoot. Every moment, another rank of saurus or a mob of Brutes tumbled out of sight, and the bridge lurched as it sank another few feet toward breaking.[1h]

Battle lines had vanished, Brutefists and Gorefists bulling their way through stubborn Saurus Warriors as skinks moved like shadows through the branch-wood to deal death with javelin and dart. Here and there massive Stegadons and Bastiladons held their own against vicious greenskin charges, but Ironjaw warriors continued to converge on the beasts, eager to claim a great trophy.[1h]

At last, the Megaboss reached the far end of the bridge and the ranks of Zectoka’s Saurus Guard, a wall of celestite blades raised to bar his way. The Megaboss didn’t even slow down, smashing seraphon bodies into bursts of celestial light. Polearms reached out for Zogbak from all sides, most sparking off his armour, and the others brushed aside by sweeps of his choppa.[1h]

Though he was locked in sorcerous combat, the slann turned a part of his mind to the Megaboss. Blinding white lightning leapt from Zectoka’s palanquin, the bolts of energy arching into the Megaboss and his boys. For a moment, Zogbak’s armour danced with blue and silver sparks. Smoke coiling from his mouth and eyes, Zogbak roared. In answer to the yell, those Brutes still standing let out a skull-bursting bellow of their own, and redoubled their assault. Before the onslaught, dozens of Saurus Guard were destroyed, their bodies punched apart or stomped into the ground. Upon his throne, Zectoka was rudely slapped back into reality, his concentration broken. Zzapdak suddenly found all resistance gone, and like a river bursting through a shattered dam, the power of the Waaagh! was released. A huge green fist erupted from the Weirdnob’s mouth, arcing over the fray to come plunging down in the middle of the battle, obliterating hundreds of seraphon. Unfortunately it also finished off the bridge, and with a final crack, the span broke, hurling the combatants in all directions. The slann fled into the ether with a flash, while Zogbak lunged for the ground on the far side. As the two sections of the oak sagged and finally fell into the chasm, the Megaboss found himself with a handful of boys and gruntas on oneside, with the rest of his army stuck on the other side. With a dismissive grunt, Zogbak turned toward the unspoilt lands ahead, and set off with his boys to find some trouble.[1h]

Known members of the Bloodtoofs


In their long trek around the Mortal Realms, the Bloodtoofs have destroyed the armies of countless races, looting a variety of trophies from the fallen. They hammer these onto their armour, and argue amongst themselves about who has the arrangement that will be best for the Great Waaagh! – when they eventually find it. Bloodtoof Ironjawz paint yellow wavy teeth onto their armour, sometimes representing kill markings, with a single ‘toof’ representing a big monster. Bloodtoof Brute bosses always get the best trophies and have flashier bits of iron and bone.[1b][1c]

Megaboss Zogbak gets the pick of the best bits of iron; these dark plates contrast with the rest of his armour. Megaboss Krugok Neckstomper has hammered brass teeth around his neck so he can headbutt and ‘bite’ at the same time.His Maw-krusha, Razok, has stone and steel skin from its battles in Chamon, causing its hide to shimmer dully as it moves.[1b][1d]

Weirdnob Shaman Zzapdak has a goodcollection of wizard skulls that he often talks to about ‘magic stuff. A Warchanter’s stikks are his prized possessions, and more important thanfancy things like choppas or boots.[1b]

Bloodtoof grunta riders paint teeth around the eye holes of their mounts, believing it makes them more aggressive. Grunta riders like to add pointy bits of iron to their armour and that of their mounts, and paint them so they stand out.Bloodtoof Gore-gruntas often have beast-hair topknots dyed in bright colours so their enemies can see them coming.[1c][1e]

Ironjaw Brutes cobble together their armour, adding or discarding bits as they seem useful or a hindrance.[1c]

Dark iron is thought to be the best, and is used by the hardest Ironjawz. Bloodtoof Ardboys often make metal skulls to hammer onto their armour rather than real skulls, which tend to break in battle.Their weapons, unlike those of true Ironjawz, don’t include what they see as shoddy materials like wood or bone.Over time, a good gore-choppa willhave new bits of metal added to it. Ardboys’ shoulder plates are made from layered iron, often from different sources, then painted in their warclan’s colours. Like their creators, orruk designs are often loud and to the point. The Flameskullz Ardboys fight with the Bloodtoofs under their burning skull icon, usually adorned with trophies from their most recent battles. Flameskull drummers use the skulls of their foes to beat out the march to war.[1c][1d][1e]