Possessed by the Waaagh!, Savage Boarboy Maniaks barrel across the battlefield. Where their frenzied mobs hit the opposing lines, a great crash is heard, and broken enemy bodies can be seen flung into the air. As the Maniaks lay about themselves with stone chompas, their mounts gore and trample until nothing is left of the foe but mangled corpses.[1]


Quite mad, scorning such cowardly vices as armour, shields and basic self-preservation, Boarboy Maniaks ride into battle waving vicious chompas in each hand – all the better to enact as much carnage as possible. Their mounts are just as mad as they are, specially chosen for their ill tempers, which are made even worse by the Boarboy Maniak bouncing about atop them, driving spurs of sharpened bone into their flanks. These unhinged orruks will even trample their own kind in their efforts to be the first into the fray, swarming over a stunned foe in a crazed display of teeth, tusks and madness.[1]

Wargear and abilities

Savage Boarboy Maniaks units are formed by at least three warriors, led by a boss. They are each armed with two chompas, and ride upon foul-tempered warboars that gore the foe with their sharp tusks.[2]



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