Bonegrinder next to Sigmarine

Gargants whose sheer size, stupidity and propensity for drunken, ill-tempered violence makes others of their kind seem positively mundane by comparison, Bonegrinder Giants are walking catastrophes capable of levelling an entire town without breaking a sweat - assuming they can stay on their feet long enough.

Most carry colossal clubs of one sort or another with which to smash aside foes, and can also deliver a brutal kick capable of toppling a fortress wall when riled, which is most of the time! Bonegrinder Giants are also fond of pulling up boulders out of the earth and hurling them at anything moving (though an uprooted tree or screaming horse is just as handy as a missile).

Bonegrinder Gargants are a type of Aleguzzler Gargants, larger, more stupid and more propense for drunken ill-tempered violence than others of their kind, making them seem positively serene by comparison.

Their coming is heralded by earth-shaking footsteps and such is their size a single step can cover an astonishing distance. They can attack with their thundering stomps, but also take great joy on jumping up and down on their victims with their massive feet and turning them into paste.

If they feel like taking a light snack during battle, they will grab a foe and take a bite with their cavernous mouths, usually biting their heads off. Should they be slain or fall over they will likely take out everyone in their path.

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