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The Bonesplitterz are the wildest orruks to ever rampage across the Mortal Realms. When orruks gather in large numbers and go to battle, they feel magical WAAAGH! power course through their bodies and are sent into a violent frenzy.

Bonesplitterz are orruks who have had their minds filled with the furious energy of the WAAAGH! and remain affected by it long after the battle is over. They eventually leave or are forced out of their warclans, roaming the wilderness until they are lead by their great green gods to more Bonesplitterz, just as maddened as themselves. Covering themselves in tattoos and war paint, they abandon the clothing and metal weapons of their fellow greenskinz.

These savage warclans are lead by Wurgog Prophets, powerful orruk shamans supposedly guilded on their warpaths by signs and visions from Gorkamorka.

The Bonesplitterz believe that WAAAGH! energy can be found in the souls of wild beasts, and so they hunt the most fearsome and unruly monsters they can, gaining power from their beast spirits.

They use the bones of their prey to create weapons and fetishes to channel the spirits in battle.