Age of Sigmar Wiki

"There are countless formations of Stormcast Eternals at war across the Mortal Realms, each expert in its own field. Some have become renowned as especially effective or viable forces – so much so that every Stormhost has since adopted them to further Sigmar’s crusade"

Some brotherhoods fight alongside one another for so long they become de facto organisations in their own right. If they are on campaign for years or even decades at a time they may find it hard to remember what it was to be a part of a larger chamber or Stormhost. Amongst such factions it has become common practice to wear some manner of visual identifier or amended heraldry to show the nigh familial bond between its members. Any source of strength that helps a brotherhood prosper and feel united is adopted without much resistance.

Examples of such divergent heraldry are many and various, but they usually have their roots in tribal practices or the heritage of the brotherhood’s mortal incarnations. The Masters of the Theanic Maze have tattooed square-spiral bands on their sigmarite plate ever since their transfigured leader Ehlor Maracastus covered his armour head to toe in such designs. The Brethren of the Scarlet Stratum, hailing from the Ghurish Hinterlands, paint a red stripe across their eyes – and across the eyes of their masks – to represent the layer of bloody corpse-clay laid down in their ancestral lands after the massacre of their forefathers. The Brotherhood of Grey Paladins purposefully discolours its sigmarite plate with the ash of fire-walking rituals after every battle. In such ways do the brotherhoods of the Stormcasts bind themselves closer and keep the memories of their pasts alive – for though none openly admit it, if they did not do so, those histories and identities might slip away all the faster.


The Hammerstrike Force hinges around a retinue of veteran Prosecutors. Descending from the clouds in a blaze of light, these winged warriors dive like eagles on the hunt, targeting key enemy formations or command positions. They hurl their celestial hammers from on high before the foe can even prepare themselves for the onslaught.

Just as the enemy musters its counter-attack, the two retinues of Paladins that form the core of the force strike with devastating power. These are often Retributors armed with lightning hammers or starsoul maces, the better to lay low the enemy commanders in a single devastating assault.


Comprised of line infantry from the Redeemer and Justicar Conclaves, the Thunderhead Brotherhood is intended as a defensive blockade that is almost impossible to shift. Three retinues of Liberators form a bulwark of burnished metal, standing shoulder-to-shoulder and turning their pauldrons to bolster the glacis of their shield-wall. Behind them wait two retinues of Judicators, ideally in a slightly elevated position, their bowstrings drawn and arrows nocked ready to loose their deadly projectiles over the heads of their Liberator brethren. Any who charge the shieldwall are riddled with crackling arrows – those that survive the volley will likely rebound from the Liberators’ shields before being put down for good.


A Vanguard Wing operates on a similar basis to the Hammerstrike Force, but with the additional ranged element of a retinue of Judicators. Able to strike from above as well as on ground level, a Vanguard Wing can turn a grinding stalemate into a rout in seconds. The Liberators and Judicators that form the force’s core are empowered by their Prosecutor allies, their weapons becoming even more potent as they methodically eliminate the enemy army. Then their winged fellows roam wide in search of future targets.


The Devastation Brotherhood comprises mainly Paladins, the most heavily armed of all Stormcast infantry, for this force’s purpose is raw destruction. They are accompanied to war by Judicators and Prosecutors, who pin the brotherhood’s chosen target in place with a rain of deadly missiles as the heavier retinues close in. When the Paladins finally charge, they do so with such crushing, unstoppable power that they leave only smouldering embers where enemy warriors stood moments before.


Combining the Vanguard Chamber’s Rangers and the arcane specialists of the Sacrosanct Chamber, the Soulstrike Brotherhoods were founded in response to the aftermath of the Shyish necroquake. This brotherhood is essentially a scouting force reinforced by heavily armed warriors who join the battle swiftly when the mobile element judges it the right time for the death blow to land. It has proved highly effective against small-scale daemon incursions and other unnatural targets, but it is at its best when hunting the roaming packs of Nighthaunts that now plague the lands.

The Soulstrike Brotherhood’s vanguard elements harry the foe until it turns to launch a punitive assault, at which point these outriders summon retinues of Castigators, along with Sacristan Engineers that man powerful Celestar Ballistas. Soon enough what seems like a lone band of skirmishers is revealed to be the core of a force of magical artillery, so redolent with celestial magic it can reduce ethereal foes to wisps of nothingness in moments.


When the Stormcast Eternals have need of devastating firepower – for instance, when they face a stubborn foe that thrives at close quarters but struggles to make its mark at range – the Hailstorm Battery is brought to bear. Under the supervision of a Lord-Ordinator, the crew of a Celestar Ballista focus their fire on targets picked out by a front line of Castigators. The deadly power unleashed by the Castigators and the heavenly stormbolts that slam home soon afterward form a double assault powerful enough to fell even a rampaging Mutalith.


The Grand Convocations of the Sacrosanct Chambers are concentrations of eldritch mastery like no other. Consisting of a Lord-Arcanum, his most trusted Knights-Incantor and a Lord-Exorcist, they are able to combine their mystical abilities to pull in Azyrite magic from leagues around. In doing so they ensure every spell they cast, from the merest cantrip to the most ambitious living spell, is an unstoppable force.


The Cleansing Phalanx is designed to withstand masses of ethereal foes so thick they appears to gather like fog. Its Evocators can channel power to their Sequitor brethren so their every strike is guided by the might of the Heavens. Maces and swords hit home in bursts of scintillating blue-white power even as the Evocators join the fight. At battle’s end, all that remains of the foe is a troubling memory.