The massive gargant King Brodd came from the wilderness to lead the gargant tribes of the Sprawl, insisting that he crawled full-grown from the chasm known as Titansmawr. Those giant elders belligerent enough to challenge him had their brains bashed out in such spectacular displays of violence none have questioned his rule ever since. Brodd is exceptionally strong, even for a gargant – the skull he wears as a crown came from a moul dragon he killed with his bare hands. Wherever he goes, Brodd carries a huge granite pillar – both his symbol of rulership and his weapon in times of war. The stony artefact was a part of the old Behematian Temple that once crested Tor Crania, a monolithic structure toppled by cyclopean mutants long ago. Once his swamp-dwelling gargants have gathered in numbers enough to take revenge, Brodd intends to see the temple to his titanic father rebuilt, its mortar the ground bones of the same beastmen that dared tear it down.


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