Plague Priest Kratsik’s most fanatical followers are known as the Brotherhood ofthe Red Boil. Wild-eyed and ferocious, these frenzied killers surge into battle with frothing spittle spilling from their fanged jaws. The corruption that weeps from their blades is so virulent that even a shallow cut can kill, while beneath their matted fur, their hides are wrinkled and leathery enough to turn aside arrows and blades. It is their total obedience to Kratsik that makes the brotherhood truly dangerous, however; at a word from their Plague Priest, the Red Boil will rush eagerly to their deaths without a second thought. Though such bravery seems to stem from fanatical devotion, in truth the brotherhood’s insane courage flows from the blessings of Nurgle. Within the brain of each Plague Monk nestles a fat daemon maggot, hatched from the crimson buboes on Kratsik’s foul body and utterly loyal to the Plague Priest. Even as these parasites chew hungrily at mouthfuls of rotting brain flesh, they compel their hosts to obey their skaven master in all things.[1a]


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