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A stampeding herd of Bull Centaurs will strike fear in the hearts of any who stand before them, and soon trample them with their iron-shod hooves. Led into battle by a mighty Taur'ruk, when joined by Shar'tor the Executioner the herd is filled with the unholy wrath of Hashut and charges with wild rage.[1]

Wargear and abilities

Unit of Bull Centaurs have at least three warriors and are led by a Taur'ruk, whose bellowing, gore-reeking presence drives others of its malformed kin into heights of religious frenzy. Some Bull Centaurs go to war with either a pair of scalding hand weapons (usually in the shape of wickedly curved axes or prodigiously spiked maces), or a scalding hand weapon and a spiteshield laced with malefic curses to afflict those who would assail it. Others carry instead a single doubled-handed scalding great weapon – often a mighty executioner’s axe or a huge maul.[2]

Charging Bull Centaurs slam into their victims with wild rage, crushing many beneath their weight and stamping enemies to death beneath their iron-shod hooves.[2]

Known Bull Centaurs